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 I live in the area of Pisa even if my origins are from other places. From my last name you can easily understand that my knifemaker passion is in my DNA, even if I started making my first works in 2006. I make knives because I really enjoy it. I like staying alone with myself and the rubbing of sandpaper on a piece of steel is a sound that relaxes and satisfies my soul. I enjoy the challenge of shaping a piece of steel. I like to feel in my fingers the soft lines that come up while I keep rubbing with different kinds of sandpaper. I like to think that also the steel has its own porosity and that through the sandpapers it gets the energy that the knifemaker is able to transfer and that this energy is made of doubts, fear, joy ..... When you take a real custom knife in your hand you must feel this energy that comes out of the blade. The force and the power ...... the life behind it. You must get an immediate feeling between you and the blade. If you don't, please leave thet blade on the table and search your knife somewhere else.

Denis Mura Knifemaker

Chiara Meucci Leatherworks

Welcome to my website. I like to call myself "a free knifemaker"   because the spirit of freedom is a part of me and as a knifemaker I feel  absolutely free. Free to create when I want and as I like. Free  to play and to invent new  shapes, free to test  materials regardless of market laws....  Free not to make knives if I don't  want to. ”

Denis Mura Free Knifemaker